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BORING BORING AND MORE BORING stuff that happened to me this week. :(

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Hi Reader,Why are you reading this? Because in the title i already told you this was going to be boring. So you must be little slow; LOL. Just kidding Smile So my week horrible week started on Sunday. When i was late to the Welcome ceremony. You know why i was late? i didn't know the directions to the restaurants. Why? because i forgot it at home. Lame right? I got pissed off so i told my mom to take me to burger king. As we passed we saw the restaurant.(U Garden Chinese Cuisine)So we go in and it's already 7:30. i mean whats the point we had only 30 minutes left, plus i didn't eat anything besides their ice cream ( Very GOOD). My little sister on the other hand went home with a full stomach. There's more but i don't really want to write anymore. I want to be on Facebook and chat with my friends that i haven't talked to in a long time--in other words i want to sleep--.
One last thing that happened on that Sunday my older sister bought KFC, so lucky i went to bed with a full stomach.
So I am going Byee!

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