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Almost late for early class at 8:00 Am

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1Almost late for early class at 8:00 Am Empty Almost late for early class at 8:00 Am on Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:42 pm

Laughing Today, in the morning, after the fail jogging, I went to sleep and knock out. I couldn't hear anything until my roommate came and wake me up. It 7:00 Am in the morning and I still want to sleep. So I wake up and then go to sleep again. Sleep I sleep for for like 5 minutes and then she woke me up again. Then I woke up and told her "I'm stretching for a while." Then after I say that, I went to sleep again. Exclamation I slept until 7:15, and realize that I only got 20 minutes to get ready. So i wake up and hurry up to the bathroom. When I got there, there are still people showering and 2 people still waiting for the shower too and I was like affraid OMG! I don't have time. So I wait and wait until there no one in the shower. I was so happy. After I'm done with shower, I went to change, then go to eat break fast. My friend and I was hurry and got to our early class. It was SUCCESSFUL![b]

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