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Dats Whats Up Jamerican Bwoy Derran Bedward

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1Dats Whats Up Jamerican Bwoy Derran Bedward Empty Dats Whats Up Jamerican Bwoy Derran Bedward on Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:32 pm

Name:Derran George Bedward; Grade: 11th Grade at South High School; Intended major: Computer Engineering or Medical; Interest: Anything Entertaining; Dreams:I just want ot be successful with everything I do.; Favorite class; in upward bound my favorite class is "computer literacy" Hobbies: School, Church, hanging with friends, being a leader. Background: Jamaican American, both parents, two sisters, brother in law, and more
I am a part of the Upward Bound Summer Program 2008

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