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Xai Ly aka Excella

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1Xai Ly aka Excella Empty Xai Ly aka Excella on Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:24 pm

Hi everyone!!!

I'm Xai Ly. and I am a freshmen at North Community High School.
I am 15 going on to 16 (on September 28) and i love shopping, dancing, singing, and lots and lots of other things.
I really really hate crowds but i'll survive in one. Just not very comfortable.
In the future, I intend on becoming a psychologist or a doctor. My dreams is to get a lot of scholoarships, go to college, and get a doctoret or masters degree. And then I'll get married afterwards.
I really like to mess around with computers (so computer science is my favorite class- it's more challenging which makes it funner too) and i like to help people. Sometimes when I'm on the internet, I like to go on yahoo!answers and see what people ask. Sometimes there are people who say they don't know what to do and that they want to die so I go and try to help them solve their problems and cheer them up. It's what a psychologist d; that's why i want to be a psychologist.
I think that Upward Bound would help me prepair for my future and make it fun for me too.
And I love my other classes too but I like to be challenged in class and that's what Yasin's class do.
I'm really glad that
I am a part of the Upward Bound Summer Program of 2009
and that i get to meet you all.
I love you all and I'm gonna miss you guys, hope to see all of you next year! <3

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2Xai Ly aka Excella Empty Re: Xai Ly aka Excella on Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:52 pm


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